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Check Air India PNR Status Online:

Simply follow the link below to go the Air India official PNR enquiry page.Click Below Link

                                        Check Air India Flight PNR Status

  • Once reached there; navigate to the underside of page and select read booking as guest.o There you may asked to enter traveler’s 1st and name, and internet reference range.o Enter all the main points properly and hit the red coloured “view” button.o among few moment current standing of your Air India price tag are going to be on your screen.
  • Travel businesses like Air Asian country use a rider name record, or PNR, to access a passenger’s travel itinerary with a laptop reservation system, or CRS. Air Asian country publishes time period flight updates to your PNR standing, however to access any updates or messages, you wish some basic data. If you utilize multiple airlines in AN itinerary, all airlines will access your travel information and communicate with you via your PNR. the method for exploit a PNR varies in line with however you set-aside the flight. Airlines will attach four passengers to 1 PNR, as long because the cluster travels along.Book Air India flight tickets online at lowest fares with additional cashback upto ₹1000. Check Air India flight fares, schedule, PNR status, baggage allowance

Step 1
Contact Air Asian country ( and book a flight to Asian country. offer your name and also the name of the passengers World Health Organization can fly with you. A parent might embody AN child as a rider on a PNR.

Step 2
Request the PNR range for your flight from the airline representative or factor. Write down or print the amount to stay it handy. If you like, you’ll decision Air India’s fee client line at 1-800-180-1407 later, and request the PNR range. you wish to produce the representative together with your name, departure day and destination.

Step 3
Visit the Air Asian country web site and click on on the tab that reads “Manage Your Trip,” then choose “Web sign up.”

Step 4
Select one among the four identification choices and click on “Continue.” By accessing your data on-line, you’ll check for cancellations or changes in flights.


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