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Mathura Road, Opposite Dargah, Nizamuddin, New Delhi, Delhi 110013, India

Location: Opp. Dargah Nizamuddin, Mathura Road (Located near the crossing of Mathura road and Lodhi road, this magnificent garden tomb is the first substantial example of Mughal architecture in India)

Entry Fee: Rs. 30 Per person (Indians), Rs. 500 per person (foreigners)

Photography Charges: Nil,

Video Filming: Rs. 25

Metro Station: JLN Stadium

Open: Daily

About Humayun’s Tomb

  • It was in-built 1565 A.D. 9 years once the death of Humayun, by his senior widow Bega Begam. within the walled enclosure the foremost notable options are the garden squares (chaharbagh) with pathways water channels, centrally placed well proportional sepulchre flat-top by double dome. There are many graves of Mughal rulers placed within the walled enclosure and from here in 1857 A.D; Lieutenant Hudson had captured the last Mughal emperor Bahadur crowned head II.
  • Humayun  spot, metropolis is that the 1st of the grand family mausoleums that were to become synonyms of Mughal design with the style of architecture reaching its celestial point eighty years later at the later Taj Mahal. Humayun’s spot stands at intervals a fancy of twenty one.60 ha. that has different up to date, sixteenth century Mughal garden-tombs like Nila Gumbad, Isa Khan, Bu Halima, Afsarwala, Barber’s spot and therefore the advanced wherever the craftsmen used for the Building of Humayun’s spot stayed, the Arab Serai.
  • Humayun spot was in-built the 1560’s, with the patronage of Humayun’s son, the good Emperor Akbar and senior widow of Humayun Hamida Banu Muhammedan. Persian and Indian craftsmen worked along to create the garden-tomb, way grander than any spot designed before within the Muslim world. Humayun’s garden-tomb is AN example of the charbagh, with pools joined by channels. The garden is entered from lofty gateways on the south and from the west with pavilions placed within the centre of the japanese and northern walls.
  •  While the most spot took over eight years to create, it had been additionally placed in centre of a 30-acre (120,000 m2) Char Bagh (Four Gardens), a Persian-style garden with quadrilateral layout and was the primary of its kind within the South Asia region in such a scale. The extremely geometrical and boxed Paradise garden is split into four squares by paved walkways (khiyabans) and 2 bisecting central water channels, reflective the four rivers that flow in jannat, the Muslim thought of paradise. every of the four sq. is additional divided into smaller squares with pathways, making into thirty six squares altogether, a style typical of later Mughal gardens. The central water channels seem to be disappearing to a lower place the spot structure and reappearing on the opposite aspect during a line, suggesting the Quranic verse, that talks of rivers flowing to a lower place the ‘Garden of Paradise.
  •  The entire spot and also the garden is boxed inside high debris walls on 3 sides, the fourth aspect was meant to be the stream Yamuna, that has since shifted course faraway from the structure. The central walkways, terminate at 2 gates: a main one within the southern wall, and a smaller one within the western wall. it’s 2 double-storey entrances, the West gate that used currently, whereas the South gate, that was used throughout Mughal era, currently remains closed. Aligned at the centre on the japanese wall lies a baradari, virtually a collapsible shelter with twelve doors, that could be a building or space with twelve doors designed to permit the free draught of air through it, finally on the northern wall lies a hammam, a shower chamber.

Best TIme to Go

  • The monument is open throughout the day and throughout the year. it’s higher to go to the monument once sun is out in order that you’ll relish all delicate branch of knowledge options of the monuments. the most effective to go to is from eight within the morning to six within the evening.
  • Summers of metropolis are harsh and dehydrating and therefore, it’s higher to avoid summers. Monsoon will cause interruption to rubber-necking. Thus, it’s higher to go to within the winter season once the climate is cool and pleasing. Winter starts in Gregorian calendar month and ends in March.

How To Reach

  • Easily accessible by road likewise as by metropolis underground. the closest railroad station is Nizammudin. Nearest underground stations are, Jorbagh and Race Course stations (both on the Yellow line) are the closest. AC/non AC buses are often availed from Rajiv Chowk/ISBT/Nizamuddin to achieve Humayun’s spot advanced. Autos plying everywhere the town may also be availed.


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