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flight cancellation charges spicejet

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Domestic Flights Refunds

  • If you fail to arrival before forty five minutes from scheduled time of departure, then there’ll be forfeiture of fare.
  • Ticket cancellation or changes to itinerary are allowed solely up to two hours before scheduled departure.
  • Ticket cancellation charge- Rs 3000, or, base fare+fuel surcharge per rider per sector, whichever is lower.
  • Change in booking fee- Rs 2250 per rider per sector amendment.
  • This can be additionally to the distinction in fare that the client will need to pay just in case there’s a distinction in fares.

Connecting Flights:

Delay or cancellation of a flight at purpose or origin that has junction rectifier to a incomprehensible affiliation at purpose of transit, rider has 3 options:

a. Get a refund

b. Credit Shell for future use

c Book once more at different Spicejet flight while not acquisition prices, provided seats are on the market.

In case the delay and cancellation of flight happens at purpose of transit, then there’s one alternative solely. this is often of obtaining an alternate Spicejet flight.

Case of Denied Boarding: In cases wherever Spicejet flight get overbooked thanks to inevitable conditions, boarding are denied against their can and besides the refund of their price tag amounts, they’ll even be entitled to further compensation that is mentioned within the ‘ Case of Flight Cancellation’ below:

Flight Cancellation or Delay by Spicejet: initially, it’s necessary to understand that compensation is paid additionally to the refund of tickets.

In case of cancellation of flight by Spicejet, it shall inform the rider before a minimum of two weeks, and provide either refunds or different flight.

However if this era is a smaller amount than two weeks and up to twenty four hrs of scheduled time of departure of flight, it’s the duty of airline to supply different flight inside two hours of scheduled departure of off flight.

As per the policy, Spicejet shall inform rider concerning cancellation of flight a minimum of three hours before scheduled departure of flight either through a telephone or SMS. the number to be by Spicejet as compensation can be:

Rs 5000, 7500, ten thousand or reserved price tag values and fuel surcharge, whichever is a smaller amount, severally for flights having block time of up to and as well as one hour, quite one hour however up to two hours and quite two hours severally, and,
b refund the price tag worth if passengers don’t wish to own different arrangements, and,

c give affordable refreshments

No refunds would be gived just in case the passengers provide incorrect phonephone numbers or adequate contact info or once info concerning cancellation has been provided three hours before scheduled departure or once it happens thanks to circumstances on the far side the management of airlines or passengers don’t settle for different travel arrangements created by the airline.

Flight Delays: If Spicejet expects delays in flights as given below, it shall give correct refreshments to the passengers World Health Organization have already checked in.

a For flights having block time of up to two.5 hours, delay of two hours or a lot of from scheduled departure.

b For flights having block time of quite two.5 hours and up five|to five} hours, delay of three hours or a lot of from scheduled time of departure.

c For flights having block time of quite five hours, delay of four hours or a lot of from scheduled time of departure.

International Flights Refunds

Spicejet international price tag cancellation or modification in intinerary shall be done a minimum of four hours before departure of flight.

Ticket cancellation charges (ex-India)- Rs 3500 per rider per sector

Booking amendment fee (ex-India)- Rs 2500 per rider per sector Cancellation or changes done inside four hours or failing to arrival before hour minimum (75 mints just in case of Dubai) would end in forfeiture of quantity.

The balance quantity would be transferred to the credit shell which may be utilized in future on Spicejet airplanes whether or not one rider from the initial PNR is travel.In case of amendment of flight, the distinction between the present and therefore the original fares shall either be place within the credit shell (if internet balance is to be paid by airline) or be paid (if internet balance is to be paid by passenger).

Denied boarding in international flights would be offered either full refund of price tag or give next on the market flight as an alternate one.

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